Dehydrating Corn
- A Great Source of Fiber -
Fabulous in Vegetable Soup
or as a Chowder!

Corn on Nesco dehydrator tray

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Dehydrating Corn

Let's get busy dehydrating corn - easily accomplished by using bags of frozen corn!

Dehydrated corn is great for use in vegetable soups and stews, fritters, or as a corn chowder!

And you can grind it into cornmeal!

Frozen corn has got to be right up there with frozen peas for ease of dehydrating! There's no excuse for not dehydrating these fantastic vegetables...

Frozen off-the-cob corn is a great source of vitamin A, followed by Choline, vitamin C, and Niacin.

There are trace amounts of vitamin E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid, and Folate.

In the mineral department, frozen corn is a good source of Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, followed by Calcium, and Iron. There are trace amounts of Zinc Manganese, Copper, and Fluoride.

Frozen corn contains Omega-3 fatty acids and a high amount of Omega-6 fatty acids too!

Corn is rich in starch and dietary fiber - and the fiber is good news for a stubborn digestive system...

Corn has been around for centuries and is getting more expensive by the day - due to its use as fuel for cars... what about the needs of humans? Doesn't their need for corn as fuel for their bodies rank HIGHER than fuel for CARS???

Thankfully, we can turn to fresh fruits and vegetables for fulfillment. It's the starches in food that make us gain weight, the culprits being: bread, pasta, cakes, cookies... cut those out and you'll see a real weight loss and less of that awful "balloon belly".

~ Dehydrating Corn ~

Here are instructions for FROZEN corn, remember, we're all about "the easy" here!

  1. Toss your frozen bag of corn kernels on the counter top a few times to loosen the kernels
  2. Arrange the frozen corn on your food dehydrator trays, making sure there's some space for breathing room!
  3. Turn on your food dehydrator and set the temperature between 125°F and 135°F
    (or per your food dehydrator's instructions).
  • Dehydrated corn will be brittle when fully dried.
  • Drying time: between 6-12 hours.
  • Please remember to rotate your trays for even drying.

Dehydrating Fresh Corn

For those of you with fresh corn, simply husk and wash them. Get a pan of water boiling and steam the ears for 4-5 minutes.

Get them into cold water as soon as possible to stop the cooking process.

Next, cut the corn off the cob by standing the ear on its end, and slice downwards from the top to cut off the kernels. Make sure you get the whole kernel and not tons of stalk!

Fresh corn takes around 12-15 hours when fully dehydrated.

It will be brittle and very hard.

Dehydrated corn in bowl

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