Article 3
Cooking in a Crisis

How do we go about cooking in a crisis, such as Japan went through with the nuclear melt-down? And all the fighting in the middle east? If that kind of unrest comes here, how would you cook food on a daily basis to keep yourself and your family fed?

We are seeing scenes of seething anger, frustration, and desperation. Hunger is a major issue (in the middle east, not so much in Japan). Yet back here, viewed in the comfort of my own home, it seems surreal. But there is one thing that I want you to take note of: The calm dignity of the Japanese who will manage to rebuild and repair, contrasted with the anger of the middle eastern countries. It's very sad and avoidable.

Let's take our cue from the dignified Japanese. Let's not resort to violence here, should hard times hit the USA. I'm sure the Japanese are able to cook food in a peaceful, orderly manner ... OK, back to the original question of cooking in a crisis, should oil prices keep soaring could that make electricity a luxury for many of us? How will you cook food for your family?

Have You Got A Crisis Cooker?

Have You Got
A Crisis Cooker?

"What's one of those?", I hear you asking! Well, read this to find out more. They are going fast and pretty much sell-out as new shipments arrive. You can put your order in now and make sure you don't miss out on your Crisis Cooker!

The crisis cooker gives you the choice to cook food with propane gas, charcoal briquettes, or even scrap lumber (and of course, regular firewood!). It's easy to light with a paper towel, using only SIX charcoal briquettes ... and you're ready to cook a real meal in ten minutes! I like the idea of using charcoal as that is a very efficient way to cook food, and won't cost a fortune. We can stock up TODAY on charcoal and have a year's supply on hand!

Cooker Can Hold an 18-Qt Pot!

Cooker Can Hold
an 18-Qt Pot!

The crisis cooker can hold an 18-quart pot on the top, certainly large enough for boiling water – for soups, boiling vegetables, and of course, just for hot water for beverages when we're not needing to cook food!

The Crisis Cooker has an adjustable air valve for temperature regulation, which means you can bake and fry to your heart's content!

20 Taste-Tested Easy Recipes

Crisis Cooker Comes Ready Assembled!

Crisis Cooker Comes
Ready Assembled!

Good news! The Crisis Cooker comes fully-assembled – a relief for those who are assembly-challenged! :-) It only weighs 26lbs so it's very easy to move around, and has a powder coating over the 18-gauge steel making it hard-to-scratch, keeping its good looks for a long time. We like that!

The Crisis Cooker is also very easy to clean. Simply dump the spent contents and wipe its interior clean.

Easy Food Dehydrating & Safe Food Storage

Safety First!

Here's some more good news: It's pretty much impossible to tip over, due to its design. Your kids won't get burned if they accidentally touch the sides of the cooker, again, due to its patented design – yes, it'll be warm to the touch, but not scorching hot!

Great place to warm your hands on a cold day ...

Thanks for taking time to read this and I hope you'll join me in getting your own Crisis Cooker so you'll be able to cook food for your family.
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