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Hi there, it's great to see you here again! I hope you're finding what you're looking for - if not, please consider taking one of our online courses over at Udemy! Thanks! Susan for Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage

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Staci posted at FB: How well do you think it would work if I run my garlic through a food processor just a bit and then spread the small chunks out on my non-stick trays? I love garlic, just find all the slicing very time consuming.

Hi Staci! Thanks for posting. I'd say "give it a go!" and I'm glad to see that you're going to use your non-stick TRAYS i.e. the fruit-roll sheets – otherwise the garlic would just drop through the holes on the regular non-stick sheets.

Have you tried using a slicer? There's several good ones over at

Another good point about slicing is that when the garlic is dry, it's very easy to crumble up in your fingers to add to recipes and isn't at all sticky like it is when it's fresh! :-)

Cheers, Susan

This just in from Nancy: I dehydrated a load of Italian summer squash but didn't steam first I left it in the unit about 16 hours and it is still a bit pliable. Do I need to dehydrate longer, or is this b/c I didn't steam?

Hi Nancy – Try conditioning your summer squash first before dehydrating it some more. If it still feels sticky at all, put it back on the dehydrator for a few hours tomorrow. I honestly can't say one way or the other if the lack of steaming has something to do with this. Let us know how the conditioning turned out.

I tried canned potatoes and they turned a golden dark brown color, I did rinse them before I started. Any idea why they turned brown? I'm using an Excalibur and dried them to the setting they recommended in their booklet.

Hi Kathy, take a look at the potatoes in MY photo, they too are a bit on 'the brown side'! Nothing to worry about, when apples and potatoes, for instance, turn brown, it's called 'oxidation' and occurs naturally when the cut surface hits the air. When re-hydrated, they pretty much return to 'normal' color! Thanks for posting – Susan

I've dried my apples with the peel on, and they taste better than without ... I soak them in a bit of lemon juice and then onto the dehydrator ... I have containers full of them, friends from Vermont USA are asking me to send them to them ... I make enough for me and yes I do mail some to my friends. Helen, in Ontario

Hey Helen, plus the skin contains LOTS of nutrients too! You've got some lucky friends there! Thanks for posting at Facebook! :-)

Hello Susan I Have a Question. Can you dry out Ham that has already been cooked and frozen? Can I defrost it then dehydrate it? Need to know, Thank You! Helen in Ontario.

Hi Helen! Yes, you certainly can dehydrate cooked ham, let it thaw, then slice it EVENLY, and off you go! Thanks for all your posts! I enjoy reading them! :-)

Brenda asks: Do you sell the oxygen absorbers or recommend a place to buy them ... and are some better than others? Thank you.

Hi Brenda, thanks for writing! I don't sell oxygen absorbers direct, but I do suggest to purchase yours from (I get mine there), so look for any Amazon ads over in the right hand columns on the site's pages, and it'll take you straight to Amazon so you can order yours. There doesn't seem to be many different brands available, so I can't honestly answer if "some are better than others". Cheers, Susan

Gloria posted on Facebook: What are oxypacks and are they absolutely necessary?

Hi Gloria, check out our oxygen absorbers page (click on that link, it'll take you to the page with the info. you need!) For long-term storage, yes, they're necessary! Thanks for posting!

Staci posted: Maybe I do need to get a slicer. Any one you would recommend?

Hi Staci, my slicer is manufactured by "Progressive International." Go to my Marketplace page –  when there, scroll down a bit, and you'll see "Slicers – Manual, Auto" – click there, and you'll find an assortment.

The one I use and love is the very first one listed!

If you click on it, it'll bring up the product details and you can add it to your shopping cart at the top, right.

Or just click the big orange button named "Add to Shopping Cart" which is directly linked to, so no worries there!)

Have a Super Day Staci!

Easy Food Dehydrating & Safe Food Storage

Can I set my dehydrator out on the back patio so I don't get the odors in the house? - Jamie

Hi Jamie, yes you can as a last resort, but remember that it may take longer to dry foods in humid weather – and you'll have to keep an eye out for rain/electrical hazards, and insects, birds etc. If it's a covered patio/porch with screened windows, then that's the ideal place for odorous onions!

Glen in Canada wrote in to ask: Can I dehydrate eggplant and daikon radish and if so how?

Hi Glen, you certainly can dehydrate both veggies. Treat the Daikon Radish like carrots, and save the radish's greens for salads! For the eggplant, remove the outer skin (if you wish – I leave mine on when I make ratatouille as I love to see the color in the pan!), slice evenly or cube it evenly, and blanch for a few minutes in boiling water. Drain well and let it cool. Dehydrate the eggplant until it is quite brittle – and can take as long as 12 hours. Thanks for writing in – Susan

Renee posted: Where can I get the vacuum pouches? As in the potato picture?

Hi Renee, the food vacuum bags are available on this page. Simply click on the photo, or look for the ad They are sold by DC Sales Enterprises, Inc. They are the very same bags I trust and use. Cheers, Susan

Mary Jean asks: Do you have to blanch the cauliflower? What happens if you don't?

Hi Mary Jean, if you don't blanch the cauliflower, not much happens really. It's advisable to blanch it though, as it helps it to keep its flavor and color. Blanching also helps prevent spoilage. On the other hand, if you use frozen cauliflower, you don't need to blanch it at all, but if you're lucky enough to have your own growing out in your garden, then go the blanching route. Thanks for posting!

Karen posted: My onion pieces are turning brown ... I thought they needed to be crumbly dry so I kept on drying them. If they just need to be leathery, can I quit?

This is my trial run.

I like your idea about making onion rings. Thanks. I am a newbie to the dehydrator!

Hi Karen, 'brown' is OK!

They need to be quite dry, and crispy to the touch.

Don't forget to let them 'condition' overnight in a Ziploc bag on your counter-top before vacuuming packing. Thanks, Susan.

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Easy Food Dehydrating & Safe Food Storage

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Keep YOUR Food Pantry FULL!

Learn how to keep a full pantry –
for any reason or season!

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