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Easy Food Dehydrating Depot, Issue #016a - May Flowers
May 15, 2012

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May Flowers

Apologies for sending this twice, I had the date wrong in the file name! ooops

Welcome - to issue 16 of
Easy Food Dehydrating Depot!

Sweet April showers Do spring May flowers

The above rhyme was written in 1557 by Thomas Tusser ... though we all probably recite it this way: April Showers Bring May Flowers ... and I'll tell you what, we certainly do need the rain down here in good ole Florida! It's been a rather mild winter this year, for that we're thankful!
Now's the time, too, to get planting. Not only is the weather perfect, but with inflation working its magic on our food costs at the store, it IS time to get planting our own fruits and vegetables. Please read this for information on Heirloom Survival Seeds. These seeds are special: it means they produce their own seeds for use the following year, so it's not just a one-shot-planting deal!
Bev's a new Master Gardener! Please check out Bev's great greenhouse - with her very creative way of where she and her husband situated it! A super example of recycling old windows.

My Latest Food Venture

Are you sick and tired of feeling 'sick and tired'? While working on this site, I came across Andrew Perlot, a Raw Foodist. Hmmm, sounds interesting - but, heck, who wants to eat just raw veggies all the time? Turns out, it isn't a case of eating just raw veggies, but tons of fruit to boot! Andrew beat colitis and his story is truly inspirational.
I must say I've never felt better - more alert, a better sense of well-being, and a real purpose in life to treat myself (body/stomach) with the respect it deserves. Growing up, I do wish the biology classes had gone more into depth regarding our digestive system - the wonderful thing it is - and how we just totally treat it with disrespect, throwing down any old food we want, and hoping for miracles that our body can maintain itself and survive on junk food!

Holy Fruit Leathers Batman!

"Hi! I'm new to dehydrating and have been having problems. I found your blog looking for answers! I've tried fruit leathers several different times, each one different. I keep getting holes in them. They come out looking like Swiss cheese! Have you had this? Any clue what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!"
Find the answer right here: FAQ, page 3.

Overheating Dehydrator!

Joan wrote in via the survey pop-up to ask this: "I have an overheating dehydrator and looking for a work-around. Also wondering if a full dehydrator is cooler than a partially filled one, or the temperature is cooler at the beginning because of moisture in the food? I have a problem with case hardening. Thanks." Find the answer right here: FAQ, page 3.

Can You Dehydrate Acorn Squash?

Bret asked: "I'd like to dehydrate acorn squash. Do I cook and do it just like butternut squash? I can't find any info. for acorn squash ... Thanks Bret"
Acorn squash is treated just like butternut squash, though it is a little harder to peel due to its shape ... I slice the squash first into slices, then cut off the rind, and remove the center seeds - and continue with the butternut squash instructions.
As with the watermelon seeds, you can also save the seeds of the squash (and pumpkin of course!).

Problem with Strawberry Purée

Michelle asks: "I tried to dehydrate a strawberry purée today and used plastic wrap on my dehydrator tray. The fan blew the plastic wrap up and made the purée slide all around. Suggestions? I used frozen strawberries, thawed and drained". Michelle - Your answer is right here on FAQ page 4 ... and thanks for writing in! :-)

Send In Your Recipe Creations!

We welcome your recipe creations -- all we ask is that at least one ingredient in your recipe is from dehydrated food. You'll be creating your very own page on this site, and be proud to share it with your friends!
Click on this: Share a Favorite Recipe. This takes you to our Easy Recipe Page where you can fill out a simple form to share your creation with us -- please send us pictures too! :-) The recipes with photos will be listed in the main body of the recipe listings page!

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