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Easy Food Dehydrating Depot, Issue #003 - Does Size Matter?
April 15, 2011

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Another Month Gone by So Fast!

Welcome - to issue 3 of
Easy Food Dehydrating Depot!

Does Size Matter?

When you are starting out on your food dehydrating adventure, you feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of different sized dehydrators out there ... so to help you get over that hurdle, here are some things to consider.

How Many Trays?

You have to consider how many trays you'll need to keep up with your dehydrating demands -- do you have a large family, or are there just the two of you?

Large families will fare well with a nine-tray model, like an Excalibur. For large families you could also have TWO smaller models, that way you can dehydrate onions and garlic on one dehydrator, and have mild fruits and veggies dehydrating on the other one.

Even though there's only the two of us here, I have two different small dehydrators: A Nesco which started out as a four-tray starter, which I then purchased additional trays and sheets for. The other dehydrator we have is a four-tray Excalibur. Oftentimes I'll have both running on the same day. Depends on what needs dehydrating!

A good point for the Excalibur models: When I dehydrate cauliflower or broccoli, sometimes the florets can be a little 'tall', so taking out alternate trays out of the Excalibur machine really takes care of the 'getting squashed between trays' syndrome, and that's where a nine-tray model would come in handy!

Stackable Trays

I like the Nesco because you CAN add extra trays to it, and for some reason that sits well with me because you feel like you're not using electricity on empty trays. Sometimes I only have enough food on hand to dehydrate four-trays' worth.

Also, I have found Nesco trays to be very easy to stack and rotate -- I simply run my hands up and down the outside of it before turning it on to make sure all's stacked perfectly! That's also a nice thing to do on a cold day when you have cold hands...

If you're still on the fence and don't know where to buy your dehydrator and other supplies from, then please check out our safe "Smart Shopper Marketplace". It's powered by Amazon and there's all kinds of stuff in there - enjoy!

NOTE: If and when you do shop at our safe Smart Shopper Marketplace, we do earn a tiny commission. This commission helps us keep this website running, so we really do appreciate your support.

March Recipe Winner of the Month is ...

Congratulations goes to Graham from Birmingham, Alabama. He kindly sent in his Boston Butt Pork Stew recipe which he admits was adapted from our beef stew recipe -- but no worries here, so long as it tastes great and is easy to make!

And speaking of recipes ... we have a new one too! How about a hot bowl of Celery and Potato soup. Yummy! The potato makes it quite filling.

Send In Your Recipe Creations!

We welcome your recipe creations -- all we ask is that at least one ingredient is or could be dehydrated. You'll be creating your very own page on this site, and be proud to share it with your friends!

Click on this: Share a Favorite Recipe. This takes you to our Easy Recipe Page where you can fill out the simple form to share your creation -- show off your recipe creation pictures too! :-) Those with photos will actually get a listing in the main body of the recipe page and have your own page too!

Two new articles and five new pages:

"Cooking in a Crisis" which tackles the subject of how do we cook if our traditional power sources are hampered in any way? We have a solution (from Science!)


"Are You Prepared Yet?" which covers growing your own food! My Survival Seed Bank arrived two days ago and I'm planning on where to start my garden! Where would you put yours or do YOU already have a fruit and veggie garden? If so, please share! Use our 'contact-us' form to let us know but if you have photos, then please feel free to use this email address:
Since last month, I've added four more pages for your reading pleasure(!): "Food Glorious Food" and "The Best Gift..."

I'm not going to spoil your fun and tell you what they're all about, you'll have to click on their links to find out! :-)

And before I go, now up and running is a new page about Heirloom Seeds - Enough to Grow a Full Acre Crisis Garden! Click here to find out more!

And for you meat lovers: additional information on dehydrating beef and turkey have been added!

click these links below for more dehydrated meats:

Roast Beef

Tell Us What You'd Like to See

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