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Easy Food Dehydrating Depot, Issue #002 -- Clean House!
March 15, 2011

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Hello Fellow Food Dryers!

Welcome - to issue 2 of
Easy Food Dehydrating Depot!

Clean House!

Of course it's important to keep your dehydrators clean, and thankfully it's an easy job! I don't clean them after EACH dehydration, just when necessary, which is dependent upon how sticky the food was you've dehydrated and whether it was odorous onions or sweet strawberries!

You'll want to clean inside the dehydrator, its trays AND the sheets.

This is accomplished two ways: in the dishwasher (if you're fortunate enough to have one), and the old-fashioned way ... in the kitchen sink.

Dishwasher: Top Rack, NO Drying Cycle

Dishwasher: Top rack, and this is important: take out BEFORE the drying cycle.

Kitchen Sink, Warm Soapy Water

Kitchen Sink: Fill sink with warm, soapy water. Let the trays and sheets soak a while. Use a nail brush for stubborn stickies ... other than that, this should suffice. Rinse, let drain/dry on your dish rack.

Dehydrator interiors: Wipe clean with a damp cloth.


Don't Use: Scouring pads, scouring powders, or sharp utensils.

Speaking of utensils, make sure they're clean and sharp when preparing your fruits and vegetables for dehydrating. Use clean cutting boards too. You can spray down your cutting boards and counter-tops with a mild germ-killing cleaning solution.

UN-plug your dehydrator before cleaning!

It should go without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway: Unplug your dehydrator BEFORE attempting to clean it. This should be a no-brainer, as both of my dehydrators only RUN when plugged in, i.e. there's no on/off switch, so I'm ready to clean anytime they're not being used!

Some of the more expensive dehydrators DO have the on/off switch, so really the above message is a reminder to UNPLUG the more expensive ones that have TIMERS before cleaning!

New Recipes Alert!

Don't forget to check back often - as there are new Easy Recipes over on the site!

Tasty Tuna Fish Soup! This is such an easy soup to make too. My mom loves it!

How about some Homebaked Bread? Click Here for the full story!

It IS easier than you might think, as I was pleasantly surprised when I tried my hand at it again, many many years later!

It also is about HALF the price I'd pay in the grocery store ... makes you think, huh?

Time to start saving money - bake your own bread, and it's a fun kiddy activity too! Teach 'em while they're young!

Just Added: Tuna Salad - so easy, it's not funny!

Don't Forget To Send In Your Creations!

We welcome your recipe creations -- all we ask is that at least one ingredient is or could be dehydrated. You'll be creating your very own page on this site, and be proud to share it with your friends!

Click on this: Share a Favorite Recipe. This takes you to our Easy Recipe Page where you can fill out the simple form to share your creation -- show off your recipe creation pictures too! :-)

We'd Love to Hear from You!

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We really do look forward to hearing from you!

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