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Easy Food Dehydrating Depot, Issue #028 - "Spring Cleaning"
May 15, 2013

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Welcome - to issue 28 of
Easy Food Dehydrating Depot!

It's Spring Cleaning Time!

OK, so now you know I've totally lost it... when I'm happy to be announcing that I'm Spring cleaning!

But what's that got to do with food dehydrating? The answer is: A lot! The "cleaning up" I'm getting on with is working on making our Easy Food Dehydrating site "mobile friendly" so it will be easy/easier to read on your smart phone, Kindle, tablet et al.

So, on that note, when you're over at the site and "something doesn't look right" just bear with me for a little while longer! All will be "ship shape" as soon as possible.

Your Monthly FAQs Answered

FAQ Page 13 Questions Were:

1) "How do you dehydrate citrus peel for baking?"

Find the answers right here, on: FAQ, page 13.

Heck, we only had one question this past month; I'm hoping you were all too busy getting your taxes done, or doing your own Spring cleaning! So don't be shy, if you've got a question, just send it in. There were a couple other questions sent in actually, but they'd been asked before and I didn't want to have duplicate questions and answers in the ever-expanding Q&A section on the site.

THANK YOU for sending in your questions!
Keep it up!

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