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Easy Food Dehydrating Depot, Issue #020 - September eBook Winner!
September 15, 2012

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September eBook Giveaway Winner!

Welcome - to issue 20 of
Easy Food Dehydrating Depot!

A Big THANK YOU to all whom entered our September eBook Giveaway for our Easy Food Dehydrating eBook!

And the winner was John Kirk - picked out by our Miniature Pinscher. It was her job to sniff out the entry from all the folded pieces of paper with your email addresses on them... and John was the lucky recipient!

If you're sick and tired of the excess weight you're toting around, then check out this FREE ebook! You can download it until the offer expires midnight PST September 17, 2012. Limited to ONE copy per person, so don't miss out! Visit the homepage of this site: for the FREE eBook!

Your Monthly FAQs Answered

Our FAQ Page 6 Questions Were:

1) "Can I dehydrate Kale?"
2) "How Long can you Store Dehydrated Foods?"
3) "Cantaloupe makes Great Chips!"
4) "My Food is Flavorless! Help!"
5) "Purple Hull Peas and Butter Beans"
6) "Can I Use a Slow Oven?"

Find the answers right here: FAQ, page 6.

FAQ Page 7 Questions Were:

1) "Can I use a regular oven to dehydrate food?"
2) "My celery and beans are 'odd'"
3) "Opening and Resealing Packages"
4) "Are Ronco Dehydrators any good?"
5) "Can I use Canned Potatoes?"
6) "Can I dehydrate Beets?"
7) "300cc oxypacks OK for 'this size' Mylar bag?"
8) "Is my yellow garlic still OK?"
9) "Veggies and Fruits as snacks?"

Find the answers right here, on: FAQ, page 7.

FAQ Page 8 Questions Were:

1) "Using a food processor to chop garlic first?"
2) "Summer Squash Still Pliable, what do to?"
3) "Help! My Potatoes are Brown!"
4) "Leave the skins ON apples!" says Helen
5) "Can I dehydrate cooked Ham?"
6) "Do You Sell Oxygen Absorbers?"
7) "Are Oxypacks Absolutely Necessary?"
8) "Which 'slicer' do you recommend?"
9) "Can I dehydrate onions outdoors?"
10) "How do you dehydrate Daikon Radish and Eggplant?"
11) "Where can I buy food vacuum-sealer bags?"
12) "Do you have to blanch cauliflower?"

Find the answers right here, on: FAQ, page 8.

You guys and gals certainly kept ME busy this month!
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