Dog Treats Need YOUR Help!

Fido the Pooch Treat dog

Attention Dog Lovers!

On behalf of Dog Treats, I want to tell you that my mom, who types all this good stuff on Easy Food Dehydrating, said we only have one doggie here at home. 

I already have my photo (I'm a min pin, that's not a pic of me, it's my buddy) on my own page featuring my homemade Dog Food ...

... and I certainly can't complain at all the fantastic food I get ... but, there's lots of dogs out there that need help and are not as fortunate as I am.

I need your help on behalf of all dogs out there! And just keep on readin' to see who's helpin' me out! Woof Woof!

Wiggleworthy to the rescue!

If you're looking to feed your best friend healthy treats, then please visit me! These dog treat recipes are totally wiggle-worthy. All the best ones are!

Dog owners know the wiggle, right? If your pup is anything like mine, it's not just his tail that wags when he's happy ... his whole rear end wiggles like crazy!

Same thing will happen to your pooch when s/he tastes the delicious homemade dog treats you lovingly create for them. And that will make you (almost) as happy as he is. It's a win-win situation.

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"If we measured our affection toward others
by how many nicknames we bestow upon them,
our pets would be the most loved."

— Carrie Brownstein

"If we measured our
affection toward others
by how many
nicknames we bestow
upon them, our pets
would be the
most loved."

— Carrie Brownstein

Raschell to the Rescue Too!

Here's Raschell's fantastic site whereby "Miss Home Made" makes ALL her meals from scratch – and she has homemade dog food and dog treats! Raschell has a Homemade Dog Treats Recipe, Homemade Dog Biscuits, Cookie Treats, Homemade Breath Buster Biscuits, Trail Biscuits, Beef Dog Biscuits, No Flea Dog Treats – and even more! More than enough for any lucky dog!

Thanks Raschell, for all these great recipes! And when you've made them, dehydrate 'em!

Love My Puppy Dog!

I also love this site by Kathy and she also likes to create homemade doggie treats: Kathy's "Love My Puppy Dog" Treats - she has a really neat site, please check it out!

Remember, if you have a dog treat or food recipe YOU want to share, it may be a featured link on our homepage and it'll be your very own page on this website!

Important: The recipe must contain at least ONE item that is, or could be, made from dehydrated vegetables, meat, or fruit!

Visit Jackie's Site Fetch! Dog Treats

Fetch Me A Treat!

Treat yourself (er, your dog) to these FANTASTIC peanut butter treats! My min pin LOVES 'em... she dances up and down when I get the container out! Click the photo and order yours from my friend Jackie Lovern in NY.

UPDATE!  Check out Jackie's ORGANIC PUMPKIN TREATS for dogs!  YAY!

Make Your Own Chicken Chow Dinners

Our Min Pin's
Favorite Dog Food
— Made with Love!

only $2.99

Make Your Own Dog Food .pdf

shown above is a sampling of the actual .pdf

Or read more here about our
Chicken Chow Dog Food eBook

Have Your Recipe Featured!

Want to see your favorite doggie treat recipe along with your dog's photo – right here – which you can share with your friends too? How? Easy!

Fill out the invitation below, and we'll do the rest! Attach a photo of your dog and the recipe and tell us your dog's name and all about your doggie dish creation!

What's Your Dog's Favorite Homemade Food?

Is your dog drooling to have its photo featured showing us how much he/she enjoys your homemade doggie meals? Do you have a great recipe? Share it!

Your recipe will be posted "auto-magically" and you'll have your very own recipe and webpage featuring your dog's favorite food!

What Other Doggie Owner's Have Sent In

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

Daisy Food 
5 lb boneless/skinless chicken breast or thighs 8 cups quick oatmeal 1 large can french cut green beans 5-6 large sweet potatoes 1/2 large can pure …

Doggie Biscuits 
February 2011 Recipe of the month WINNER! Congratulations Sharon! Ingredients: 1/2 cup millet 1/2 cup quinoa 3 cups chicken stock …

Click here to write your own.

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