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Article 10
Demise of Europe

Is the demise of Europe headed here? Highly likely, by the sounds of it. Just finished reading an interesting article written back in 1887 by Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, describing the 8 steps that democratic civilizations go through, prior to their collapse.

Euro Currency Cracks

Step 1.
They go from bondage and find spiritual faith.
Step 2.
From faith they find courage.
Step 3.
Courage creates the liberty they crave.
Step 4.
The freedom (liberty) creates all sorts of abundance.
Step 5.

With abundance comes complacency sadly.
Step 6.
Complacency will always lead to apathy...
Step 7.
An apathetic society will become dependent on others.
Step 8.
And dependency leads right back to bondage.

Is the Demise of Europe Headed Here?

Is the Demise of Europe
Headed Here?

And Dictatorship.

I'd say this nation's between step 7 and 8.
What do you think?

Financial System Running Out of Steam ...

Financial System
Running Out of Steam ...

Here's another article, this time from "The Economic Collapse." They proclaim that either this August, or September, things are going to get hairy in the USA.

Those are not the words they actually used but the signs are pointing towards ugly.

As Europeans finish their vacations, (while unemployment is around 24% and edging higher ... how do they DO that – money-wise?

Holiday Time!

Go on holiday yet be unemployed?) they await yet another bail-out by banks that just do not have the money to lend anymore. The demise of Europe is in plain sight.

Credit all over the planet is playing hard-to-get, and much of the world is sliding down the slippery slope into a recession. I realize this is not "news" to you.

No More Concessions For Greece

No More Concessions
For Greece

Europe will not be making any more concessions for Greece, according to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble. Greece's unemployment is also on a par with Spain and will exceed 25% in 2013.

Easy Food Dehydrating & Safe Food Storage

New York Times "economist" Paul Krugman says "now is the time to print and borrow even more money." Huh? Well, be prepared for higher food prices, clothing prices, and everything prices.

Too Much Debt And Not Enough Money ...

Too Much Debt And
Not Enough Money ...

This country (and its citizens) has way too much debt. The 2nd quarter of the 2012 US government debt GREW by 274.3 billion dollars, but our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) only grew by 117.6 billion dollars. How do we fill that 156.7 billion dollar gap? Tax hikes? On already-strapped families? Attacking the "millionaires" is NOT the way to go either, they already HAVE paid their 'fair share' under current tax laws. These so-called "millionaires" are the backbone of this great country – the small-business owners, who by the way, DID build their businesses with their own blood, sweat, and tears ... they were NOT built by the government. Rather, they were built in spite of government over-regulations, creating millions of jobs along the way!

Back to money for a moment. The trouble with Fiat Currencies (currencies that all the world uses by the way, which used to be backed by gold, but our dollar is now backed by the 'good faith and credit of the United States') do not last indefinitely. They have lifespans, they die out. There's always the temptation to 'print more worthless dollar bills' to cover real bills that cannot be paid.

This coming election, let YOUR voice be heard loud and clear. Let's get back to making America the great country it was – let's increase the meager "14% of all Americans believe that children today will be better-off than their parents" – that the Rasmussen poll indicates.
Copyright© August, 2012

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Keep YOUR Food Pantry FULL!

Learn how to keep a full pantry –
for any reason or season!

Click the little girl's basket of
apples to find out all about it!

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