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Is This Too Far Out?

I'm probably a bit too far out ... but it's funny how you get all caught up in something and you just can't understand why everyone else is not as exuberant about it as you are! I've been sitting here working on this website, putting everything I've got into it, and still there are those folk who look at me with a sideways glance, wondering if I'm all there ... You bet I am – and I'm not giving up or going away any time soon.

I'm dedicated to getting the word out to all who will listen that in the near future, food may NOT be as plentiful or as affordable as it is right now. They're not broadcasting THAT on the evening news ... (aside from Fox News, that is, and Glenn Beck at Again, maybe we're too far out. Not.

Prices Are Rising

It's not only food prices that are rising; my husband told me this morning that cotton is up 10% so far this year – price has exceeded the all-time 150-year high!

I don't have to tell you about gasoline – we cringe every time we fill up the car and are really trying to make less trips to the post office, grocery store, and garbage dump – we are now at least trying to combine these trips to save fuel.

And food: My mom was complaining quite audibly the other day about the price of a certain yogurt she buys has almost DOUBLED!

Easy Food Dehydrating & Safe Food Storage

Not So Far Out - So I Say "Put It Away!"

There's more than one way to store/preserve food. But I wanted something easy enough that I would stick to and not lose interest in. You know how it goes. Like starting a diet, or a work-out plan: good intentions, and all that.

My choice? Yeah, dehydrating! Even my husband can handle that. No really, he's on board with anything I do – he's great. And smart! :-)

All I can do is keep on believing that what I'm doing is the right thing to do. Those who do believe and share their comments with us and ask questions are on the same 'wave-length', and they will continue to join in the fun and hopefully pass the word along to their friends and neighbors, before it's too late.

20 Taste-Tested Easy Recipes
dehydrate grapes to make raisins

Yes, it's FUN doing all this. It's a perverse pleasure, not unlike waiting for the storm to hit – you know you shouldn't be having fun enjoying the preparation, but you are – but on the other hand you're hoping like heck that the storm doesn't hit! I know that my family is not going to go hungry – no matter what happens. And the bonus? Right now I'm putting food away at TODAY'S prices, because who knows how much food may cost in six months – or a year from now?

Join us – won't you? Let's hope I am too far out!
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Keep YOUR Food Pantry FULL!

Learn how to keep a full pantry – for any reason or season!

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Don't Forget To
SIGN UP for our Six Simple Steps!

Keep YOUR Food Pantry FULL!

Learn how to keep a full pantry –
for any reason or season!

Click the little girl's basket of
apples to find out all about it!

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