Solar Generator Indoors

Window up for the Solar Panel cable

PowerSource 1800 – Indoors

Due to the panel being outdoors to capture the sun's rays, there will be an electric cord that snakes into your home. The easiest way (for me) was to simply raise one of my windows and bring the cord in (the end with the female plug on it) with just enough length to reach the male plug that's on the battery. For me, that was about three feet beyond the window opening.

I then covered the "sharp" edge of the window where the pane slides down into with some dark grey insulation foam, taped together with some duct tape in the middle, so that the cord sits snugly between the two pieces. See the photos, below.

Foam in place for Solar Panel cable

Setting Up the Solar Generator Indoors:

Setting Up the
Solar Generator Indoors:

This window is single-hung. Raise it up about 5 inches, reach out and grab the solar panel's plug, bring it indoors.

NOTE: The female plug on the end of the solar panel cable has a nice feature: it has a cap attached to the cable – so when not in use, the cap keeps any rain and bugs out of the plug.

Window closed on Foam for Solar Cable

Use Weather-Stripping Foam

Take a look at my handy dandy pieced-together foam with duct tape which sits atop the cable.

See photo above ... and looking at this now, I guess I could have used grey duct tape instead of white!

I then put the window down (gently!) until it touches the cable and of course, the foam. This keeps out bugs, warm/cold air etc.

Solar cable in place, ready to go

Plug It In, Plug It In!

I then plug the solar generator's male plug into the female solar panel plug, press the "on" button on top of the unit.

Now I choose whether I want to see "charging percent" or "charging usage".

I use the solar generator's charging percent function, and when it reaches 100%, we are ready to use FREE power from the generator and the sun's generosity!

I now close my window shutters and no-one's any the wiser!

Shuttered Window

When I've Finished Using It ...

When I've Finished
Using It ...

On the exterior wall underneath the window, I have a cup hook that I drape the generator cable over when I've finished using it.

I just unplug the panel from the battery while I'm indoors, and then close the cap on the female plug end, and then hang the cable over the hook outside.

Using the hook saves me from having to go outside and then come back indoors.

Lazy? Nah ... (Quite ingenious?... I thought of it myself too!) :-)

Totally Portable –
(Easier to Move with Two People

Totally Portable –
(Easier to Move with
Two People

NOTE: This generator unit is totally portable, though I would recommend that two people lift it up and down (the battery component). The solar generator does have wheels so you can move it around on the floor by yourself, but again, if you're wanting to move it to your truck, to work in the garden, for instance, then it helps to have two people to lift the generator, in my humble opinion.

The solar generator unit arrived well-packed, and the same comment applies to this as it did to unpacking the solar panel: it took more time to unpack it than to set it up!

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Remember: Charge It Up First!

Charge It Up First!

Again, there's no generator wiring to do – just plug it in. Remember to charge it first. Read the instructions! :-)

The page you've just read covers the indoor part of setting it up, so please visit: Solar OUTDOORS to see what needs to be done to complete the installation.

Make sure you also see:

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