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Oct 21, 2016

Lentil Soup With Dehydrated Vegetables

Lentil Soup, Easy! | Use Your Slow Cooker and Dehydrated Vegetables to make this classic soup, destined to become a family pleaser!

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Oct 01, 2016

Dehydrating Fruit at Home - The Easy Way

Dehydrating fruit such as apples and oranges straight from your trees ... and bananas ... or frozen fruit such as strawberries and pears is so easy to do! Learn how here!

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Sep 29, 2016

Dehydrating Cauliflower

Dehydrating Cauliflower -- It's so Easy to Dehydrate Cauliflower for soup -- Ideal for long-term food storage too!

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Sep 26, 2016

dehydrated food storage wall

Dehydrated Food Storage Wall -- see our Great Wall of, er, Dehydrated Foods -- Easy Storage for the Long-term...

Continue reading " dehydrated food storage wall"

Sep 25, 2016

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad -- Use Your Dehydrated Vegetables for this quick-fix Sandwich Stuffer... so easy to make too!

Continue reading "Chicken Salad"

Sep 24, 2016

bake your own bread

Bake Your Own Bread -- no need to rely on grocery stores! Saves money too and the bread is to die for...

Continue reading "bake your own bread"

Sep 21, 2016

Dog Food Chicken Chow Homemade

Dog Food Chicken Chow - Our Miniature Pinscher's Favorite Food... made with love straight from your kitchen using fresh or dehydrated ingredients you already have in your pantry! ...

Continue reading "Dog Food Chicken Chow Homemade"

Sep 18, 2016

Powdered Broccoli - make into health-giving powder

Powdered Broccoli - Make into a health-giving powder - by Julius

Continue reading "Powdered Broccoli - make into health-giving powder"

Sep 17, 2016

great greenhouse using recycled windows

Great Greenhouse using recycled windows -- with a fab use of under-utilized space under a second-story deck ... check this out!

Continue reading "great greenhouse using recycled windows"

Sep 17, 2016

Dog Treats by Donna

Dog Treats by Donna | Healthy Pet Treats you make yourself - keep it natural!

Continue reading "Dog Treats by Donna"

Sep 16, 2016

Dehydrating Pet Food: Feasts for Fido and Fifi

Dehydrating Pet Food - Learn how Easy it is to dehydrate your favorite pet treats for long-term food storage...

Continue reading "Dehydrating Pet Food: Feasts for Fido and Fifi"

Sep 16, 2016

Dehydrating Grapes - Raisins in Disguise

Dehydrating Grapes -- How to Dehydrate Grapes at home! ... Raisins in Disguise! Easy to make and are Healthy Snacks -- save $$$ and beat inflation too!

Continue reading "Dehydrating Grapes - Raisins in Disguise"

Sep 16, 2016

Black Bean Soup

Black Bean Soup -- Use your Dehydrated Vegetables to make this Fabulous Soup...

Continue reading "Black Bean Soup"

Sep 16, 2016

better than bouillon

Better Than Bouillon -- By Superior Touch -- I cannot do without this stuff! I use it in all recipes calling for 'stock'! Check out our easy dehydrated food recipes...

Continue reading "better than bouillon"

Sep 15, 2016

Banana Cinnamon Rolls

Healthier Banana Cinnamon Rolls | Delicious - Inpired by Raw Vegan Chef Alicia Ojeda with Brittany Taylor

Continue reading "Banana Cinnamon Rolls"

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